Glenn Beck gives a wake up call, but to who?

I watched the Glenn Beck speech mostly because a friend of mine on Facebook kept going on about how great the rally was. I have listened to Beck off and on for several years and for the most part I agree with his political common sense logic. However, this speech he gave really struck me as odd on several different levels.

Glenn Beck is a Mormon. That is not what bothered me though, I have Mormon friends and we openly discuss religion and politics without any problems. What bothered me was that he was standing up in front of what I bet were mostly evangelicals that probably call themsleves Christians talking openly about how America needs to get back to God. In his first paragraph Beck says that this event is not about politics, but about God. What God I thought? The God that Mormons claim, or the God of the Bible that Christians pray to? Did anyone at the rally that thought of themself as a Christian think about that? Did anyone even know there was a difference? Or do we just want to get behind the flag as Americans and pretend we were all thinking about the same God Oprah style?

Later I watched the coverage again via CSPAN. While doing so I saw a man clapping as Beck was talking and the back of his shirt said “Jesus is the standard”. Does he know that Beck has a different idea of who Jesus is then he does unless he was a Mormon himself? Does he even care? Should we even care?

Beck points to the top of the monument and proclaims to the crowd of Christians that on the very top are the words Laus Deo meaning Praise be to God. Most probably didn’t even know it was there. Should we just clap our hands and be thankful that someone pointed out, or do we ask whose God? Should we even care?

Beck calls on great men in American history such as George Whitfield who have “woke America up” and brought about great awakenings. Whitfield was a Calvinist who preached the pure Gospel to sinners. Whitfield was also very popular in his day and spoke to large crowds of people many times. Beck’s words relating to God sounded a lot like what Whitfield might have said about a nation turning back to God, but clearly these two men had two completely different ideas of who this God is. Does it matter? Does anybody care? I know, just wave the flag and say one nation under God so everyone can cheer right?

Beck invoked the burning bush and Moses saying that things happen the same way then as they do now, meaning people fall asleep until they find themselves in bondage and then someone comes to wake them up. Well God used Moses and Whitfield so God can use Glenn Beck too right? I am sure he can, in fact there are many that will here Beck’s speech and say “thank God for Glenn Beck” and go on to do great things for the country. However they will be doing this in spite of what Beck believes and not because of it.

Beck said something I thought was great in his speech. How can you have firm reliance on something if you don’t know what you believe? Exactly! Beck knows what he believes, he has openly stated so and alluded to it many times since his conversion to Mormonism. However, I am not so sure that those standing in the crowd do so, there is the wake up call that everyone needs. If you call yourself a Christian you should find out why you do so. If you do that then you won’t need Glenn Beck to motivate you but instead you will find what truly motivated men like George Whitfield and what truly caused awakenings in American and world history. You will also find out that you in fact don’t believe the same things people do in other religions but it doesn’t have to be a bad thing and we don’t have to hate each other because of it.

Finally Beck encourages everyone to tell the truth. Another great wake up call from Glenn but I am not sure we can handle the truth anymore. Studies show that the majority of Christians are not even sure if there is such thing as absolute truth. The hard truth is that the Christian Bible says there is only one God. Does that mean that Beck can’t get up and motivate Americans to get back to God and speak the truth? Of course not, we can all get up and say what we feel and worship who we want. Does it mean that Christians should hate Mormon’s and other groups for that matter and not listen to them? Of course not, the Bible clearly says that we should love our neighbor and our enemies. However it is a wake up call especially to those who call themselves Christians to know what you believe and the truth is that Beck simply believes in a different God then the Bible alone teaches.

Do with that what you will, cheer Beck if you want to like I do when he says something I agree with which he does often, wave the flag proudly as I do being a veteran, but if you really want to find the truth, as Beck says he wants you to do, then actually look for it and don’t be afraid of it when you find it. Don’t believe it because you are a Republican or a Democrat or you listen to the Sean Hannity or Glenn Beck show and someone you like said it.  Believe it and live your life by it because you took the time to understand it for yourself. That is what the wake up call is about, and that is what will change America.

Beck said that the truth will set you free. I couldn’t agree more and I hope he finds it, I hope America finds it again as well

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