Rob Bell’s new book “Love Wins” Loses the Gospel

Rob Bell is a guy that I am sure means well. He is also a guy that says a lot of wonderful things. However in this new book he exposes himself for having a view of God that is simply not supported by the Biblical text.

In the first interview he is called out by Martin Bashir on a theological and philosophical level. In the second video you have a proper Biblical response correcting Bell. In the third video you have another error from Bell’s own video refuted from way back in 2007.

Recently Rob Bell called on his congregation of thousands at Mars Hill to not allow others to take him out of context, and issued a warning to others not to condemn him because the Spirit might be working. Read the book for yourself and listen to his own words, then hold it up to scripture and the words of Jesus himself, then ask yourself if Rob Bell’s idea of God and Hell measure up.

In fact first, just listen to his own words in his own marketing for the book

Then listen to Martin Bashir ask him basic questions that he simply can’t answer. As far as I know this is in no way edited to take him out of context. Martin explains his questioning on Paul Edward’s program here Brashir explains Bell\'s seeker sensative approach and the problem with truth

Then see what Bell says about faith back a few years ago, and listen to someone critique him against the Bible.

Like I said, Rob Bell seems passionate about what he does, and I am sure he has the best of intentions. But he is loaded with error and bad Theology and to make matters worse teaches this to thousands every Sunday. One day he will have to give an answer for this, I wonder what that answer will be

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