Stephen Hawking, Brilliance Crippled by an Agenda

I am amazed at the courage and brilliance of Stephen Hawking. I still remember reading his ideas about the Singularity and how the universe began millions of years ago at this singularity. He achieved this idea and proved it via mathematical calculations and also understood by this process that this singularity must transcend space and time.

Of course Hawking and I might have different opinions on what the Singularity is, but the fact that he was able to come to this conclusion was amazing because in my estimation we had the ability to prove something had to be outside of space and time, and that the universe must have a beginning point. It proved that a less significant revealing of God in nature was real for everyone and not just to the regenerated.

Now over the past several years, and culminating in his most recent book The Grand Design, Hawking has let his denial of God get the best of him and thwart his brilliance. He claims that gravity can prove the existence of the Universe without God and by doing this he not only contradicts himself but also tries to explain an impossibility.

Laws are physical and operate under certain conditions. The Singularity has to be metaphysical because by Hawking’s own admission it transcends space and time, outside of “multiverses” of which there are the possibility of millions. So how would it be possible for a physical law to be responsible for creating something out of nothing?

Answer….It isn’t possible. Why does Hawking say it then? Because he is searching for a way to explain the Universe without the Singularity instead of simply staying within the framework. I have seen many in the Scientific community do this in recent years as they try and stay away from confronting the Singularity issue so they can avoid the idea that a Intelligent creator may exist.

It is sad when scientists go down this route. Regardless of belief system a scientist should study science, a physicist should study physics and just let it take them wherever it goes. Leave the metaphysical to those who study it and don’t start from your belief system and work backward. However this proves to be very difficult as those who don’t believe refuse to admit that Science can’t explain God away, and indeed make attempts such as Hawking to turn it into a tool for disbelief.

The truth is that science and physics alone can’t prove God, but it can be a valuable study of the universe to actually understand as much about the Singularity as possible. Why hide from it and pretend that nothing transcends the Multiverse and stop at a common force like gravity when there is so much more out there and all scientists know it regardless of belief system.

For Hawking to try to shut down the conversation when he himself knows he has no understanding of what lies outside of space and time screams of an agenda to me. When I see an agenda from a scientist and not just a stated bias, which everyone has, I tend to disregard the findings. It looks as if though I will have to put aside my respect for Hawking’s brilliance in the future and look to others who are truly examining the evidence for what it shows. A wonderfully complex multiverse that had a beginning but did not create itself because it lies within time and space which is limited by physical laws such as gravity and causal relationships. Laws that have no power to create in and of themselves something from nothing.

These are fundamentals that we all have to face regardless of belief. Lets face them together as has been done int he past and not disregard to fit an agenda.