Does God exist?…A Conversation Between William Lane Craig and Michael Payton

Not too long ago there was a conversation between philosopher William Lane Craig and cognitive scientist and Atheist Michael Payton on the Michael Coren show. This was more like a round table discussion then a debate and allowed for more of a dialogue. I know that Payton never really had a chance here since he was really out of his league, but I wanted to post this specifically because it shows how Atheists have to twist themselves into a pretzel in order to rationalize themselves around God.

Most of the time it is the anti-intellectual Christian that gets put in front of the camera while people like Bill Maher take them apart. However when you sit in front of someone like Craig it becomes very clear that the Atheist can only produce attacks and questions against Theism and most of the time can’t even produce a clear argument against the existence of God.

As I finish a study on postmodernism it is all the more evident to me that even the most articulate and intelligent person is a victim of this dangerous but seemingly prevailing movement in our culture. When we as a people began to abandon God for humanism and reason in the enlightenment, and then followed that up with abandoning the pursuit of truth, we now find ourselves swimming in a sea of relativism that we will eventually drown in. There are certainly times where Payton seems like he is drowning in this discussion as he attempts to explain things like morality in his worldview where there is no object moral standard.