TheChristianThinker.com was started as a way to express my thoughts on a variety of topics based on my own studies of the Bible, as well as those that have spent their entire lives studying the Bible, whose teachings I both admire and respect.

The blog shows my views which most definately fall mostly in line with my good friends Martin Luther, St. Augustine, R.C. Sproul, and Jonathan Edwards, however, we can also learn much from those that I would be proud to call “friend” and would have loved to chat with including C.S. Lewis, Soren Kierkegaard, Van Til, and Schleiermacher.  We can even learn from great thinkers that I would not agree with but who challenge us to think and defend our arguments such as Kant and John Paul Sartre

On my journey I have formulated my own Theological and Philisophical views from reading the Bible while standing on the shoulders of these and other great men that have inspired with their thoughts and reasoning.